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I’m a PhD candidate in English at the University of Connecticut. My research and teaching work is primarily in multimodal writing, graduate communication, and writing across the curriculum. I currently serve as the Coordinator of Graduate Writing Support through UConn’s writing center. My academic work is premised on the importance of creativity and experimentation, even in technical and mundane forms of writing. I am committed to making creative processes more accessible and democratic.

I invite you to explore my CV as well as my teaching, research, and service portfolios through the site menu. Feel free to contact me at

What I'm working on now

A photo of the Brooklyn Bridge's archways, with suspension cables crisscrossing the visual field.
Dissertation: Composing Across
Graduate Writing
A graphic shows three person-shaped icons with an arrow extending left and right below them. Below that are two icons symbolizing speaking and writing.
Rewriting Roles in Social Work