Appendix A: WAT Institute Schedule

Date Workshop Title To Do Before Workshop Project
Curating Images
Tutorial on Pixlr or PowerPoint
Visual teaching philosophy
Engaging a Conversation through Sound
Tutorial on Audacity
Theorizing through Video
Tutorial on Lightworks
60-second video
Circulating through Web Design
Tutorial on Wix or WordPress
Professional or pedagogical website

Sample Workshop Outline: Curating Images 

Introduction [9:30-10:00] 

  • Presentation: Overview of the new curriculum 
  • Presentation: Overview of the WAT Institute schedule 

Overview of Curation and Collage [10:00-10:30] 

  • Discussion: What does curation look like? What are some examples? 
  • Task: Browse sample curations: #Thisis18 and The 1619 Project 
  • Discussion: What are some principles and affordances of curation? 

Making Activity, Part 1 [10:30-11:00] 

  • Task: Freewrite in response to one of two prompts: 
  • Write about a significant experience you’ve had as a teacher (it can be positive or negative). How has that experience shaped your understanding of teaching? After you’re done writing, it may be useful to circle any key terms. 
  • If you have your Teaching Philosophy with you, what are its most important elements? (circle the key terms) What will you want to highlight in your collage? 
  • Presentation: Overview of fair use doctrine 
  • Task: Collect image assets from Creative Commons archives 

Break [11:00-11:15] 

Making Activity, Part 2 [11:15-12:05] 

  • Task: Assemble and edit collected images into a collage that represents teaching philosophy using Pixlr or PowerPoint 

Reflection [12:05-12:20] 

  • Task: “Gallery walk” to view peers’ work and leave feedback with sticky notes 
  • Task: Reflect on what was learned from making activity 

Pedagogical Application [12:20-12:30] 

  • Task: In groups of two or three, design an activity based on composing with images or curating assets 

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